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April 2, 2011

Not much happening on the home front right now.  Just in a holding pattern for more information regarding Dragon Quest X.  Gonna have to keep ourselves occupied with other games for the time being.  Recently, I've been playing both Dragon Age 2, and Radiant Historia.  Good times.

- Kaspian

About the Site:

There are a lot of great classic RPGs out there, but one series that has always stood out for me was Dragon Quest. It always had a more traditional approach to the genre, with a simple, brave group of adventurers setting out to defeat some sort of great evil threatening the world. Better yet, each new installment in the series was a noticeable improvement on its predecessors without losing the essence of what made the series what it is.

So, that in mind, I wanted to put together a fan site of my very own dedicated to the Dragon Quest series (not to mention it gives me a fun way of fiddling around with web design). "I Heart Dragon Quest" is intended to be a depository for information about the series more than a news site, complete with synopses, character information, key features in each game, and interesting trivia. I will be focusing largely on the series proper at first, but in time will also start to include spin-offs like Torneko's adventures, Rocket Slime, and so forth.

In any case, I hope you enjoy your time here, and come back often. Dragon Quest is an amazing series that deserves all the praise that it receives, but you probably already knew that.

- Kaspian

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